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Heidi Alamanda

About the Artist

Heidi Alamanda is a fine artist who was born and raised in Indonesia. She moved to the U.S. in 2003 and settled with her husband in New Haven, Connecticut in the spring of 2008. Before pursuing her passion as an artist, she earned her MBA degree from University of North Florida in 2007. She has been working as a full-time artist since 2009. She is an associate member of the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts and a member of the New Haven Paint & Clay Club.

She paints her own world; not a fantasy version of the external world, but a world where her personal thoughts and feelings give form to areas of the world itself. Personal feelings from beautiful moments filled with hopes, dreams, and love, are inevitably left behind as she steps forward to embrace new life experiences. These moments, buried in her memories, become scattered over time. They arise sometimes as incomplete and imperfect stories but most of the time only leave her with strong indefinable feelings.

She seeks to capture those moments, even when they can only be signified by certain unrevealed feelings, because she does not want them to slowly fade away until she is completely disconnected from them. She focuses on feelings that arise from reflecting on one of these moments, and allows ideas that resonate with those feelings to emerge from her subconscious. Through mysterious intuition, these ideas work to give form to a portion of her internal world.

This process continues until she senses it is time to begin working the canvas to develop a non-literal, non-symbolic, narrative-free, semi-synesthetic visual depiction of this area of the feeling world. The process is strictly unidirectional, but painting is necessary to allow development of the feeling world to proceed, as a dam must be opened to allow a river to flow. Painting is the only way for her to preserve those moments so she can always feel connected to herself and hear her own voice, undisturbed from the echoes of the external world, while continuing her ongoing journey toward the future.

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